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CALALILY ESCAPE    -  Most Popular

3hr, $200

A welcoming blissful escape to relax, rejuvenate and detoxify. Start your escape with a relaxing foot soak and Aromatherapy Senses Journey continuing with a Full Body dry Brushing, Well-Lily Massage using warm plant oils and essential oils that nourish your body and stimulate your senses. Our Well-Lily Spa Facial will rejuvenate your skin completely and to complete this blissful Half Day Escape, you will experience a restful and healing Reiki Treatment. - Pure Bliss! 

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2hrs, 140

Take yourself on a journey to Inner Tranquility, Self discovery, Balance and Recovery. Starting with a full body dry brushing, a complete flowing Body Massage will guide me in assessing the energy flow of your body and re-balance the body's energy field. Aura cleansing & energy work is performed during your massage, drawing from Reiki and Intuitive energy healing. Crystal Healing Chakra Balancing is included and completing with a nourishing scalp treatment followed by a cleansing and grounding smudging ceremony. 

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2hr, $140

Begin to Restore, Balance and Awaken your Mind, Body and Soul with a Full Body Dry Brushing. A Restoring Pomegranate and Passionfruit Body Masque is then applied to recover the skin's hydration levels leaving your skin toned, nourished and awakened. Experience Crystal Therapy that will begin to balance the Chakras and complete this Ritual with a Well-Lily Massage, Marma Point Scalp Massage and Luxurious Body Oil Treatment leaving you feeling rejuvenated and renewed. 
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2hr, $140

Take a moment to purify and re-energise yourself with my head to toe, soul to sole Purifying Body Cleansing Ritual. The ritual will start with an Aura Cleanse to help clear lower energies so you can shine more of your authentic light!  A deeply detoxifying Full Body Dry Brushing to gently remove impurities and allows the body to let go of the past. Be cocooned in a Dead Sea Mineral Mud providing your body with vital nutrients, allowing it to re-mineralise, restore and regenerate the skin back to balance. Chakra balancing crystal healing for realigning the best you. Completing this ritual, you can choose from a - Well-Lily Massage or Spa Facial. 
Cleanse and Purify your body and soul.


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90 mins, $100

Take some time out to renew and find yourself again. My Rejuvenating Ritual begins with a cleansing foot bath and is followed by a deeply relaxing Body and Scalp Massage, completing with a blissful Well-Lily Spa Facial. Allow this treatment to leave you feeling revitilised, ready to face the upcoming week and anything it may bring you.
Renew yourself...  

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