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Oracle Cards & Psychic Readings

Mystical Yogi Katrina is an Intuitive Psychic and is now offering Oracle & Psychic readings.

During these readings, Katrina uses her physchic ability, Intuition and Oracle cards to answer questions & give spiritual guidance.


30 min, $45

1hr, $65

Are you looking for spiritual guidance? Are you concerned you are on the wrong path? Is there something you wish to look deeper into but don't know who else to turn to? An Oracle & Psychic Session may be what you are needing. During this session, you will be guided by Katrina as she uses her intuition, Oracle cards & spiritual counselling to help you along your path. 


1hr, $65

A Spiritual Counselling Session will allow you to relax and express what has happened throughout your life. A session involves looking at the past & present events, how it has impacted you and how to move forward with your life with guidance from Katrina. It will assist in connecting with your soul. and spiritual life journey. There are many ways and disiplines to enhance your spiritual journey. Katrina will create a plan with you to move forward on your spiritual journey. 

- Please note, Katrina is not a trained Psychologist, therefore no rebates are available. 

- Katrina is a Trained Spiritual Counsellor through My Health Yoga


8 Gillam Crescent,

Bray Park, Qld, 4500

Ph: 0403 769 645